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History of BBT

Warner Robins, Georgia
Originally Compiled by Edward & Annette McGalliard

[important]The following information was compiled for the interest and benefit of the people of Bible Baptist Temple. It is not complete in any way, but endeavors to highlight the major events leading to the present state of the church. No doubt many old-timers will be able to add significantly to this outline. It is hoped that the newer members will gain some appre­ciation for the years of sacrifice and labor which resulted in our present good fellowship and accommodating facilities.[/important]

Sunday,  February 22,  1959
The first service of Bible Baptist Mission was held. There were 34 in attendance, with eight (8) taking a stand to become members. These were Rev. and Mrs. Groover, Carolyn, Charles and Jonny Groover, Eddie and Annette McGalliard and Gall Hodges. There was an offering of $30.00 w1th $3.00 going to Missions. The missions money was sent to Brother Olson Hodges, missionary to Japan. This service was held at three o’clock Sunday afternoon with members from Mikado and Macon Baptist Temple In attendance.

Sunday,  March 1,  1959
Held our first regular scheduled service. The Sunday School and Morning Worship Service were com­bined. There were 8 In attendance with an offering of $93.00. We started with 3 classes—adult, young people, and primary. The church, being missionary-minded, started setting aside 10 percent of our offerings for missions.

We continued to hold services in the W. 0. W. Building until we had an opportunity to move Into the Charles Thomas school. The mission moved into the school about May 1959.  The mission had reached a high attendance of 24 and started thinking of organizing into a church.

Wednesday, May 20, 1959
A business meeting was held, and all agreed we should organize into a church.  But we had scheduled a revival for a week in June, so we agreed to wait until after our first revival.  Brother Groover preached our first revival himself.

While we were holding services in the Charles Thomas School we continued to look for a building or property to purchase. We found 5 acres of land far out in the country.  The land was reasonably priced.  The owner wanted $4250.00 for the five acres, but we did not have any money.  Brother Groover contacted Dr. G.B. Vick, pastor of the Temple Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan.  This church had some money in a mission account, so Dr. Vick sent $4250.00 to purchase the land. We received the money and closed the deal on the five acres the church buildings now occupy.

July 1, 1959
A business meeting was held for the purpose of organizing the Bible Baptist Mission Into a church. The organization of the church took place in the Charles Thomas school, with 21 members present.

*The charter was extended for 30 days to permit others to join as charter members,
*Rev. C.G. Groover was called as the first pastor of the new “Calvary Baptist Church,”
*We adopted Rev. Stan Flynn, missionary to Japan, as our first missionary.

July 26,   1959
A special business meeting was held to appoint trustees to transact business for the church. We had found land but could not finalize the purchase of this land, because we had no trustees to sign for the church. We also had to purchase or build a building on the property as the church had to vacate the school at the beginning of the school term in September 1959.

August  1959
After we secured the land, we saw an ad for a shell building. It read “A dollar and a deed Is all you need.” We had the deed but we didn’t have the dollar, so the salesman paid the dollar, and we contracted to have the first building erected on the property. The building was used many years for many different purposes, but later burned about 1967.

September 1959
We vacated the Charles Thomas School and moved into the new building on the new land.

February 1961
A business meeting was called by the church for the purpose of obtaining a loan for $5,000.00 to provide another building needed for expansion. We were outgrowing the shell building.

It was learned that the church could not secure the loan without being incorporated. The necessary steps were taken to incorporate the church.

May 1961
A group of men from the church visited Cochran Field to inspect a building. The building was priced at $2,500.00, delivery, and set up included. A loan was secured for $3,500.00 — $2,500.00 for the building and $1,000.00 for remodeling. That building is still in use and is the one now called “the barracks-building.”

November 1962
The church voted to obtain a loan for $2,000.00 to start a new building. This would be the third building in our plant. This would be the first per­manent building and except for the masonry, electrical, heating and air conditioning, we built this building with volunteer help. This building served as the church auditorium.

July 1963
Soon after the building was completed, we had our first revival in the new building. Rev. Jim Oats, pastor from Augusta, preached. As a result of this revival, Brother and Mrs. Johnnie Brantley were saved. Since that time Brother and Mrs. Brantley have been blessings to us all, and many have been saved because of them.

July 17, 1963
Following the revival by only a few weeks, the church was asked to accept Brother Groover’s resignation.

August 1, 1963
A special church conference was called for the purpose of voting to call a new pastor. A call was extended to Rev. John O’Niel. He accepted the call and officially took over the pastoral duties on August 25, 1963. Incidentally, Brother Brantley’s truck broke down while moving Brother O’Neil to Warner Robins.

May 31, 1964
Missionary Richard Todd was taken on at $5.00 per month support.

September 6, 1964
The church voted to sell the first bond program. The amount of the bond program was for $45,000.00. This was to be used to pay off existing indebtedness and construct a new church auditorium. As a result of this bond program, we built the present auditorium as it was before the remodeling was accomplished in 1980.

November 1964
Most of the bonds sold and construction began on the building. Brown Construction (Eugene Brown) was contracted to do the work with some volunteer help from church members. This was the fourth building in the church plant.

July 17, 1965
The church was called into a special conference to vote to accept the resignation of Rev. John O’Neil, and a pulpit committee was appointed.

September 5, 1965
Rev. Harold Davis was called as pastor.

May 7, 1966
The church was called into a special conference for the purpose of changing the name of the church from “Calvary Baptist Church” to “Bible Baptist Temple.”

June 1966
Rev. Harold Davis resigned. The church was without a pastor from the resignation of Rev. Davis until the church called Rev. Waldo Mullen as pastor — a period of eighteen months.

January 1968
Rev.  Waldo Mullen was called as pastor.

March 1, 1968
Rev. Waldo Mullen arrived to assume the pastorate of Bible Baptist Temple.

May 1968
We had our first revival with Brother Mullen as pastor. Rev. Jim Oats from Augusta, Georgia was again the visiting preacher.

July 1968
We installed the first central air conditioning in the auditorium, replacing four window units. At last we could actually hear the preacher.

September 1968
The bond sinking fund increased to $112.00 per week; the church income was averaging about $300.00 per week. The Lord had to stretch the money to meet the obligations.

October 1968
We held our fall revival with Brother E.G. Robertson from Easley, South Carolina, as our guest speaker.

December 1968
We gave our pastor a 100 percent raise — from $25.00 per week to $50.00 per week! The Lord continued to bless our offerings which were averaging $397.00 per week.

January 12, 1969
Dr. Gilbert Stenholm, Director of Ministerial Training at Bob Jones University visited the church and preached on “What Is wrong with the National Councl of Churches.” The church Increased the monthly missions offering by 73 percent. Our monthly mission offerings were then $95.00 per month.

February 1969
The church reached a new high in attendance with a record-breaking attendance of 176.

March 1969
The church held our spring revival with Evangelist Carl Woodbury from Greenville, South Carolina as guest speaker.

April 13, 1969
This Sunday was the official beginning of our bus ministry and was designated as Bus Sunday. Brother Johnnie Brantley started the bus ministry and was our first bus driver. The bus ministry has truly been a blessing to the church.
May 1969
We set a new high average for Sunday School. We averaged 148 in Sunday School for the month of May, with a high attendance of 188 on May 4, 1969. The bus ministry continued to grow. The bus brought 41 to Sunday School on May 18 — this was the largest crowd on the bus thus far. We started making arrangements to purchase a second bus which was accomplished in June.

July 13, 1969
We held our 10th anniversary service. Rev. Hugh McCoy, pastor of Community Grove Baptist Church In DouglasviIle, Georgia was the guest speaker.

August 1969
We had a three day revival, August 8-10. Rev. Sid Robinson, a converted alcoholic and race car driver from Dunadee, Florida, did the preaching.

October 20-26, 1969
The church held our fall revival with Brother Sid Robinson as guest speaker. (The church enjoyed Brother Robinson’s preaching in August and had him return for this revival.)
March 1970
Spring revival held with Brother E.G. Robertson as guest speaker. We also purchased three busses at one time to launch the present fleet.
May 1970
We started Faith Promise Missions Giving. The first deposit into the missions fund was $365.53.
August 1970
The first Sunday we used the piano and organ now in the auditorium.

September 1970
Pastor moved into the new parsonage built on the church property.

October 11, 1970
Fall revival held with Rev. Wayne Mullen, pastor of the First Bible Baptist Church in Greece, New York was guest evangelist.

January 16, 1971
Put up trusses for roof on extension to primary building.

February 10-14, 1971
Faith Promise Missions Conference, Jim Turner, missionary to Pakistan, and Raymond Crocker, pastor of the Fellowship Baptist Church, Taylors, South Carolina, preached for us.

March 22-23, 1971
The church held a Sunday School and soul-winning conference with Brother Bob Moore, pastor of the Marietta Baptist Tabernacle.

March 28 – April 2, 1971
Spring revival with Dr. Virgil Edwards, pastor of the Northside Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia was the guest speaker.

May 16, 1971
All Junior classes moved to the new Sunday School building now known as the “Red Carpet Room.”

July 5, 1971
We voted as a church to begin a Christian educa­tional ministry, and Warner Robins Christian Academy was officially launched.

July 11, 1971
The church celebrated the 12th anniversary.  Brother Bill Reese from Langley, South Carolina preached in both services.

September 19, 1971
First “Old-Fashioned Day” held at the church. This has become an annual event and each fall we set aside a Sunday as “01d-Fashioned Sunday,”
Brother Don Connelly became our first paid music director and youth director. Purchased the mobile home for he and his wife to live in — this is the same mobile home that Miss Mahoney is now occupying.

July 9, 1972
The church celebrated the 13th anniversary. Evangelist Milton Kerr from Chattanooga, Tennessee preached in both services. The Harmonettes Trio from Williamston, South Carolina was here to sing for us.

Fall 1972
Ron Carroll was saved as a sixth grader. Later he was to be the first of our own young people to graduate from college, be ordained to the Gospel ministry, and become a missionary to Canada.

September 24, 1972
Church held its second “Old-Fashioned Day.”

September 1973
Church hired Brother Joe Sweet as Associate Pastor, Music and Youth Director. He replaced Brother Don Connelly who resigned.

March 1974
The Church voted to build the building between the auditorium and the Junior building which now serves as fellowship hall, nursery, and office complex.

May 1974
Church hired Jon Layner as Associate Pastor, Music and Youth Director. He also served as the first full time principal of Warner Robins Christian Academy.

December 1974
Paid last payment on piano and organ. O.Frank Garlock was the visiting speaker for special services.

February 1975
Dr. Wally Williams and Richard Todd were the guest speakers at the annual faith promise missions conference.

September 1975
Dr. Lee Roberson visited the church. He was guest speaker in both services.

October 1975
The church held the annual “Old-Fashioned Day”.

March 1976
Church had an ensemble from Baptist University of America. Brother Elmer Towns was the guest speaker.

April 1976
Dr. Wendell Mullen was guest speaker at special services. Also Dr. Cecil Hodges, pastor of Bible Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia was guest speaker.

June 1976
The church hired Brother Kim Perdue as Associate Pastor.

June 30, 1976
The recommendation was made to place a $5,000 option to buy International Village with negotiations to be completed by January 1, 1977.  The total cost for the property and existing buildings was set at $200,000 with a down payment of $25,000. The goal was to utilize it as a facility for the growing Christian school.

July 1976
The church celebrated the 17th anniversary with Rev. John O’Neil as guest speaker for the day. (Brother O’Neil was the second pastor of the church.)

September 29, 1976
A special business meeting was called. The recommendation was made for the church to ordain Associate Pastors Kim Perdue and Jon Layner as ministers of the Gospel. Also, a Board of Directors was set up to manage the International Village.

December 1976
Made the final close out on the International Village property.

January 1977
Church was in revival services with the Hal Webb Evangelistic Team as guests.

May  1977
Dr. Bob Jones III was guest speaker for a three-day meeting.

August 1977
Pat Habeck came to minister at the church as Principal of Warner Robins Christian Academy, and began a successful building program of students and faculty.

April 23, 1978
A business conference was held following the evening service. A recommendation was made by the pastor, deacons, and trustees that the church hire Johnnie Brantley as a full-time associate pastor. He would assume the duties of bus director, visitation director, bus maintenance, and manager of the International Village. The motion was unanimously approved. (This was among the best investments the church ever made.)

May 1978
Brother Brian Parrish was invited by the church to visit the church, lead singing, and speak to us as a candidate for Music Director and Youth Director.

July 1978
Church held the 19th anniversary with Rev. Groover as guest speaker.

September 1978
Brother Brian Parrish assumed his duties as associate pastor, music director, and youth director. Brother Parrish started his new job with a new bride of just a few weeks.

July 1979
Church observed the 20th anniversary with Rev. John O’Neil as guest speaker.

May 25, 1980
Warner Robins Christian Academy (WRCA) held it first high school commencement ceremony.

September 28, 1980
The pastor, deacons, and trustees recommended to the church a renovation program on the church audi­torium. The result of that recommendation is what we enjoy today, the larger auditorium, carpet.
Padded pews, additional lighting, and general beautification of the church building.

January 1981
Church held the annual faith promise mission conference. Rev. E.G. (Ernie) Robertson, now pastor of New Testament Baptist Church In Miami, Fla., was the special speaker.

February 22, 1981
Dedication of our newly remodeled building. Dr. Don Davis was the special speaker. Sunday school attendance was 722. This was also Brother Mullen’s 13th anniversary at Bible Baptist Temple. The church authorized up to $6,000 for the pastor to purchase a newer car than the one he had.

November 1981
Miracle Sunday was a victory as we paid off the loan on the auditorium.    $30,000.00 was raised that day.

January 1983
Church held the annual missions conference. Dr. Bob Dayton was the special guest speaker. At the end of the faith promise missions conference, Brother Mullen read his resignation from the church.

February  1983
Pastor Mullen officially gave up his duties as pastor of the church on his 15th anniversary.  His messages for his final services were from Exodus 30:1-4, John 14:1-6, and Acts 20:17-31.

March 1983
Brother Glenn Layson was hired as general maintenance man. He was one of the first young people to be saved as a result of the bus ministry in it’s early days.

April 24, 1983
The deacons and trustees recommended that the church purchase the back part of the Toler property. The property between the church building and village property (3 1/2 acres) was purchased for $50,000.00.

November 1983
Ron Carroll was ordained to the Gospel ministry and commissioned as our first home-grown missionary.

February 1, 1984
A business meeting was called for the purpose of calling Dr. Robert Woosley as pastor of Bible Baptist Temple. The call was accepted. Brother Woosley assumed his duties as pastor on February 26, 1984.  His first message was from Joshua 1:1-9.

July 1, 1984
The 25th Anniversary of the church’s organization was observed with a fellowship supper inaugurating the new church cafeteria installed in one of the buildings now occupied by the Warner Robins Christian Academy.

May 1990
Pastor Woosley resigned the pastorate.

June 1990
BBT founding pastor and member, Rev. C.G. ‘Gus’ Groover, agreed to serve as interim pastor until a new pastor was called.

April 21, 1991
Rev. Charles D. Weber accepted a call to pastor the church.

March 14, 1993

Bro. Johnny Brantley passed away as a result of injuries sustained during a March snow storm.

August 20, 2012

The morning of August 20, 2012, Pastor Charles D. Weber was called home to be with our Lord.  While we will miss our dear Pastor and friend, we rejoice in knowing that he is now with our Lord and Savior, and is enjoying all the splendor of heaven.
The funeral service was held at Bible Baptist Temple, August 23, at 2:00pm.  Ron Schafer, Pastor Weber’s childhood pastor, provided a heart-felt eulogy about his “friend” with a “good name” and Pastor Bruce Smith, a long time friend, preached an encouraging home-going service, reminding us the things for which Pastor Weber stood.  The service was well attended, which brought great comfort to the Weber family, the members of Bible Baptist Temple, and those present.  It was truly a home-going celebration, as we celebrated Pastor Weber’s life and the victory he now realizes in the presence of God.
The Weber family and members of Bible Baptist Temple thank you for your love and support, demonstrated by your attendance, cards, calls, and prayers.
Please continue to pray for the Weber family and Bible Baptist Temple. We are trusting in the sovereignty and goodness of God for our future and intend to stand fast in sound doctrine and a scriptural approach to His ministry.  By God’s grace the Weber family and Bible Baptist Temple will pass through this valley triumphantly, “…looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith”.

June 23, 2013

The church voted in favor of calling Bro. Donnie Melton as the next pastor.
Much appreciation is expressed to Bro. and Mrs. McGalliard for reconstructing this record from church minutes, to Bro. and Mrs. Brantley (Oliver) for reviewing it for accuracy and providing additional insights.